The Company

In 2011, Expert Lab Services, LLC (ELS) acquired myphotopipe.com. Relying on the depth of experience forged by ELS’ parent company, Photogra, Inc., ELS brought a technical expertise necessary to transform myphotopipe into one of the most sophisticated labs in the United States. With that in mind, ELS has maintained and exceeded myphotopipe’s reputation for providing the highest level of product quality. The core target of ELS’s business continues to be the serious amateurs and professional photographers across the nation. ELS focuses on quality, turnaround times and delivering exceptional value to its customers. We know that in the end we are only as good as our quality and our service, and we continue to strive to improve in both areas. Additionally, ELS has introduced the LabDataServices.com technology enabling any seller of online photos the opportunity to tap into our lab’s workflow.

Today, we offer a multitude of software via our platform page. We offer over 1,000 combinations of prints on six different surfaces and an exciting catalog of products that grows daily. Most importantly, we are committed to listening to you in order to meet your needs today and tomorrow. We think you will find the ELS experience both easy and fun. Thank you for your trust in us.

The Mission

Our focus is to provide the highest print quality and service to our artists. Our ROES Pro Software offers the flexibility to meet the needs of organizations like Turner Broadcasting System, the NFL, NBA and MLB teams, as well as national media photographers, independent studios, corporate art departments, art galleries, and many colleges and universities.

Our customers have downloaded more than 300,000 copies of our client software applet ROES Pro. In October 2009, we added Xpress, our state of the art, web-based ordering application designed for ease of use and express ordering. This online tool has made the entire ordering process a snap from start to finish. Drawing on our professional photography foundation, we have built a company that has a single-minded focus on quality, turnaround times, and always delivering exceptional value and service to our customers. Some of the ideas for our newest and most innovative products result from feedback we receive from our many loyal customers.

Everyone at myphotopipe is committed to quality and service. Whether you shoot with the highest megapixel DSLR, medium format rangefinder, or scan negatives from your Holga, we are dedicated to handling your digital files with the same high quality of care and attention that you put into creating them. Our customer service staff is happy to assist you with any photo project and can offer advice and information to ensure your satisfaction with your order. After all, at myphotopipe.com, we are artists, too!